Schrödinger's Cat Is Not Dead


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released September 10, 2013

Vasiliy Sharikov-Bass ~ Lead Vocals/Keys/Programming
Adam Wilkinson ~ Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Cory King ~ Bass
Vin Salvia ~ Lead Guitar



all rights reserved


SCIND Ann Arbor, Michigan


(Latin: to rend, to tear, to divide)

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Track Name: Schrödinger's Cat
One can even set up quite ridiculous cases.
A cat is penned up in a steel chamber
along with the following device
(which must be secured against direct interference by the cat):
In a Geiger counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance,
so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none;

If it happens, the counter tube discharges
And through a relay releases a hammer
That shatters a small flask of hydrocyanic acid.
If one has left this entire system to itself for an hour,
One would say that the cat still lives if meanwhile no atom has decayed.

The psi-function of the entire system would express this
by having in it the living and dead cat
mixed or smeared out in equal parts.
Track Name: Rising Star
Your Star Is Bright
You Are An Idol In Some Eyes
You Won't Find Out
That Living Not Like You Is Fine
You Chase A Dream
It's Like A Ghost In Your Machine
For The Ubermensch
The Dead Don't Matter If They're Clean

No Need For Friends
When You've Got Voices In Your Head
Fake Enemies
Just So That You Don't Feel So Dead
You're Moving On
From Pain And Misery Of Past
Your Future's Bright
Your Present Doesn't Seem To Last

At The Horizon
We Are All Godlike

We Have The Right To Take What Is Ours
We Sanctify The Will For Power
Self-Realization - One Step Closer
To Our Salvation: Road Paved With Roses

At The Horizon
Got Scorched With Sunlight

Your Start Still Shines
It Feels Amazing To Be Lead
The End Is Nigh
When You Don't Know What Lies Ahead
The Heart Of Lead
You Hope For It To Turn To Gold
The Game Is On
And You Won't Feel The Need To Fold

You're Almost There
Just One More Step And You're A God
Get What You Want
But You're Alone, But So What
Alone And Proud
You Sacrifice All To Your Dreams
You're Empty Now
You Sacrifice Yourself, It Seems

At The Horizon
We Are All God Like

We Have The Right To Take What Is Ours
We Sanctify The Will For Power
Self-Realization - One Step Closer
To Our Salvation: Road Paved With Roses

At The Horizon
Got Scorched With Sunlight

We Burn Our Souls, The Abyss Is Calling
Infinity's Children: Horizon Has Fallen
Halo Around Us, But Nothing Inside
All Our Envy Consumed By Pride

Sheep Shed Wolves Clothing
Horizon Fading
Our Insides - Weakness,
Nothing Worth Saving
Track Name: Death Vow
I pray to the creator
Pray to save me from my dreams
I would like to know just for once
Loving life - How it feels
I've been lying in my grave
Smelling roses for too long
I am lying to you now about my intention to be strong

Take on a Death Vow
(I'm addicted to the earth
I'm allergic to the pain
Can't smell flowers again)
Death Vow
(All my firearms go off
Existent only in my head
It's just better to stay dead)

Pray to the creator
To explain me just one thing
What did you intend to test when you made me
What did you think
And how did I perform?
Living dead in doubt
Resting in your glory
Being a shadow of your shadow
The antithesis to your story

I wish you were there dead or alive
Then I could say I was used
And expect some retribution
In your Heaven, if it's true but
I'm just an angel who got stuck
At the horizon of your hell
I dropped out, I broke, I flew away
But you can't say that I fell
Track Name: Splitting
Lose My Right Of Happy
Retain All Self-Control
Hide Into Post-Human
I Don't Feel Anymore

If I Have Not Been Killed
I Should Have Been A While Ago
Tears Ice Frozen On Eyes
Masquerade Of Blood Show

Am I For Real? An Autopsy Scene
There Is No Entrance Fee Just Go And Watch
I Will Invite You My Beheading Dream
You'll Be Heading To Have Had Beheaded Me

Lose My Sight Of Charity
I Lose Your Self-Control
Donate Me Back My Blood
Veinsex Free For All

If I Have Not Been Seen
I Should Have Dissolved All Eyes
Esoteric Sex Doll Spleen
Metallic Breath Entice

Am I For Fake? An Autopsy Dream
A V.I.P. Package For Me Reserved
You Will Invite Me To Your Beheading Scene
I'll Be Heading To Have Had Beheaded Your

Your I
Your I Me
You Eye Me
You Imagine Me
You're Imaging Me
You're Imagining Me
You're In My Image Me

You're Made In My Image Me
You're Made In My Image For Me
You're Made In My Image For Me
You Are Made Imagining Me

You Are Made For Me
You Have Made Me, You Are Me
You Are I, You Are I
Your I
Track Name: Edge Of Reason
You Found An Origin Of Reason
Sealed The Envelope With Gold
A Record Breaks Under A Solipsism
Of Your Lies Untold
I Couldn't Come To Save You
Just In Time Before You Died Away
This Was Only A Game
That You Just Learned How To Play

The Other World Is Waiting For You
But You Knew That All Along
And Your Descent Into The Darkness
Will Not be Lit By A Song
Your Art Is Dying
Your Soul Is Already Dead
But Don't Let That Stop You
No, Go Ahead

Your Reckless Treason Found A Way
Into Your Once Loving Heart
And Nothing Now Can Stop You From The Fall
Don't Take That Too Hard
The Shard Of Once A Subtle Mind
That Was Sublime And Awake
The Sleep Of Reason... For Your Sake

I'd Love To See You Better
Hear You Everywhere
I Don't know If I Can Stare At You For Too Long
Guess What - I Don't Care
I'll Catch You If You Fall
So That Someday We May Just Fall Together
But This Was Only A Game For You
Soulless Feather

Float Around The Edge Of Reason
Can't Fly Away, Float In Darkness
Fly Away, With God Behind You
Fly Away, Forever In Darkness
Track Name: So Be It
Come Take A Look At Vivisection
Of Metaphors In Poem Of Lies
There You Will Find All Shapes
And Shades Of Meaning Of Life
Now Try Not To Follow, Try Not To Know
What Angels Whisper To You
Collapse Into The Morning
And Smell The Overture Of War

So Be It

Defend Our Life, Defend Our Rights
'Till They're Consumed By The Beast
Look Inside On Your Heart And See
The Demon Imprinted In Six Six Six
And Try Not To Follow, Not Follow, Not Trust
Not Believe Your Own Touch
Before The Dawn The Night
Is Just Humanity's Crutch

So Be It
Track Name: A Vampire Story
It's So Still
Here In My Cemetery
Kill (Kill)
I Seek You To Kill My Loneliness
I Smell Your Blood
Won't You Spend Eternity
With Me (Me)
Kill (Help Me Kill)
This Loneliness

By Myself I Spend Years Searching For Someone Like You
The World Becomes Concentrated In You
Through The Night I Fly Miles Searching For Someone
The World I Live In So Empty Without You

So Close You Are
Here In My Cemetery
Live Forever
You'd Really Turn This Down?
My Queen, Of The Underworld
I Spent Long Years
Waiting Just For You
Replace Your Life With Mine

Our Embrace So Long
Soaked With Blood
This Union Of Mind, Of Flesh
And No Regrets
They'll Bury Us Together
And We Wait So Long
For The Night
We Now Must Be Strong
To Bear This Eternity

By Ourselves We Spend Years
Searching For Someone
To Kill This Loneliness
Our World Has Now Become
Through The Night We Fly
Miles Searching For Someone
The World We Live In
So Empty For The Two Of Us